Price Chopper/Market32 || Wagner Farms || Tour Video

Price Chopper/Market32 // Wagner Farms // Tour Video

A few years back I had created a video for Price Chopper/Market 32 in collaboration with the American Dairy Association North East, which showed the process of how its PICS milk brand went from farm to table. The grocery store chain requested a new video to be made of the farm featured in the original video, Wagner Farms, to give people a look at one of the many local farms that provides the store with its homegrown products.

Wagner Farms is a third generation family-owned dairy farm located in Poestenkill, NY and is within 15 minutes of both the processing plant and a Market 32 store. This recent video goes more in-depth with the history of the farm and the unique aspects of it, such as its methane digester. The methane digester turns cow manure into methane, which is then converted to electricity that powers the entire farm, and also puts electricity onto the grid to power part of the local community.

I enjoyed revisiting the footage, and from what I saw while visiting Wagner Farms on multiple occasions, the farm truly provides a high-quality milk product while ensuring the well-being of the cows, and on top of that does a wonderful job with helping the local community. 

This video can be viewed on Price Chopper’s/Market 32’s social media pages and a condensed version can also be viewed in-store at its grocery stores.


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