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To understand the needs of the client and to deliver a product that matches those needs for every project

About Junda Video Enterprises

Junda Video Enterprises specializes in corporate/organizational video production and is based in Saratoga Springs, NY. It serves clients in the capital region of New York (eg. Albany, Saratoga, Lake George) and has also traveled throughout the United States.

It provides full service video production to businesses and organizations. It also works with agencies and as well as communication teams that need their in-house video work outsourced.

The foundational values of the company are reliability, ease of doing business, and delivery of the final product on schedule.

It excels at keeping a low profile, being technically sound, keeping a meticulous approach towards the production and post-production processes, and maintaining a relentless drive to do the best work it can.

All projects are shot with professional 4K (Ultra High Definition) camera equipment with quality in mind. Uses of services vary from b2b, internal, fundraising, promotional, commercial, recruiting, orientation, instructional, social media, branding, e-learning, archival.

If you give Junda Video Enterprises a chance, it believes you’ll be happy with the results.

Demo Reel

Some of the work Junda Video Enterprises has created

Junda Video Enterprises || Promo Video


Filming with a low footprint, technical precision, and finding creative shots in an efficient manner

B-roll and interviews are often integrated into the videos that Junda Video Enterprises produces.

Junda Video Enterprises can film b-roll footage and interviews on a standalone basis and deliver the raw footage to the organization, or it can fulfill the post-production as well.

Video production is comprised of small details and Junda Video Enterprises combines an innate awareness with extraordinary concentration to capture those small details.

When it’s imperative to get b-roll and/or interviews recorded correctly the first go around, Junda Video Enterprises has trust in itself that it’s the answer.  

Featured below are reels of b-roll footage and interviews that Junda Video Enterprises has filmed.

(Note: The footage in the b-roll and interview reels were color graded by Junda Video Enterprises, though it’s capable of filming raw footage in a color profile according to the client’s specifications) 

B-Roll Reel

B-Roll Strengths: Discreet approach, technical precision, smooth movement using professional equipment (glidecam, 3 axis motorized gimbal, motorized slider, drone, tripods, monopod), utilization of a combination of lenses to obtain a wide array of perspectives, finding creative shots in an efficient manner, going prolonged durations while maintaining peak focus.

Interview Reel

Interview Strengths: Making interview subjects look good through detailed attention to lighting, audio, composition, lens selection. Utilization of multi-camera setups. Comfort in both formal and quick setups.

Editing Competencies

Meticulous attention to finding a unique combination of visuals, audio, graphics, and other video elements that comprise an edit

Meeting the specifications of the client is always the top priority for each project Junda Video Enterprises edits.

The edit is always styled to provide clarity and congruency in its message.

Junda Video Enterprises aims to fuse business practicality with artistic fluidity, which ultimately delivers a message of highest impact.

Featured Projects

Videos Junda Video Enterprises has filmed and edited

National Museum of Dance // 30th Anniversary Video // Saratoga Springs Video Production
National Museum of Dance

30th Anniversary Video

Towers Watson || Testimonial Video || Susan
Towers Watson

One Exchange Health Care Program Testimonial Video

Price Chopper // Promo Video // home.grown with Wagner Farms
Market 32 by Price Chopper

home.grown Farm to Table Video

ADANE || National School Breakfast Week || Highlight Video
American Dairy Association North East

State of the State of School Breakfast Highlight Video

Live Nation //  Xfinity Theatre Premium Seating // Promo Video // Hartford CT Video Production
Live Nation

Premium Seating Program Promo Video

Dailey Precast // Recruiting Video
Dailey Precast

Recruiting Video

Opera Saratoga // Hansel and Gretel // Promo Video
Opera Saratoga

Hansel and Gretel Promo Video

Friends of the IBA: Grassland Birds at Risk // Informational/Fundraising Video // Adirondack Video Production
Friends of the IBA

Grassland Birds at Risk Awareness Video

The Saratoga Home & Lifestyle Show
Saratoga Springs Rotary Club

Home & Lifestyle Show Informational Video

Saratoga Regional YMCA // Fundraising Campaign Video // Scott
Saratoga Regional YMCA

Fundraising Campaign Video

ADANE || Market32 || Highlight Video || Fill a Glass With Hope 2019
American Dairy Association North East

Fill a Glass With Hope Kickoff Highlight Video

Dynamic Energy // Easton Build Progression // Aerial Video
Dynamic Energy

Build Progression Aerial Video

SST || PromoVideo

Solid Sealing Technology Promo Video

Habitat for Humanity // Capital Region NY // Video Production //
Habitat for Humanity

Volunteering Informational Video

Saratoga Today // Saratoga County Teachers of the Year // Highlight Video // Saratoga Springs NY Video Production
Saratoga Today

Saratoga County Teacher of the Year Highlight Video

Union College President Stephen Ainlay // Schenectady Video Production
Union College

College Promo Video

Additional Video Services

The videos in the Featured Projects section above comprise of videos that are classified as promotional videos.

Below are additional video services that Junda Video Enterprises also provides.

Instructional Videos

Videos that help demonstrate a product, service, or learning material to a client, customer, or for internal purposes

Product Demonstration


Demonstrating how to operate a product or service to the end user

Client: illumidoor

Purpose of Video: To demonstrate how to use the illumidoor product for end users of the product, members of fire departments

Distribution Channels: Internally for fire departments



Introducing new employees to the procedures and culture of a company

Client: Dailey Precast

Purpose of Video: To demonstrate the protocols of the organization to new employees

Distribution Channels: Internally at the company



For internet learning courses 

Client: Health Association of New York State (HANYS)

Purpose of Video: Discussing how to deal with sensitive topics such as race when a client is checking in

Distribution Channels: Online for members of the association

Archival Video Recording

Recording of performances, meetings, speeches, sporting events in their entireties using a single camera or multi-camera setup

Performing Arts


Recording of performances for archival purposes, distribution, or grant proposals

Client: Opera Saratoga

Purpose of Video: Recording of performance for archival purposes, grant proposals, incorporation into a promo video

Distribution Channels: Internal, online



Recording of meetings for distribution, internal use, grant proposals

Client: Health Association of New York State (HANYS)

Purpose of Video: A mock meeting featuring actors to demonstrate concerns with inpatient care 

Distribution Channels: Online for members of association

Sporting Events


Recording of sport performances for archival purposes, recruitment, analysis

Client: Parents of player on team

Purpose of Video: Archival footage for college recruiting and also used for post-game analysis for the high school team

Distribution Channels: Internally



Recording of speeches for distribution, internal use, grant proposals

Client: Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce

Purpose of Video: To showcase local startups and to use for grant proposals

Distribution Channels: Online, internally



Recording of speeches for distribution, internal use, grant proposals

Client: The Georgian Resort

Purpose of Video: To record the performance for the guests in attendance

Distribution Channels: Internally


 To continue to be a go to solution when video production needs to get done in a reliable manner

Is Junda Video Enterprises the right fit for your organization’s video needs?

Junda Video Enterprises feels that it matches well with organizations that require a technically precise final product. It is thorough with its filming and editing process, and revises the edit until the final product meets the specifications of the client. It can either work with the in-house marketing/communications team of the client or can work with an outside agency to develop the vision of the video.

Junda Video Enterprises constantly strives to…

Do what it says it’ll do.

Treat clients how it’d like to be treated.

Be prepared, yet adaptable.

Follow orders, but also take initiative.

Constantly seek to improve in the work that it does and the way it operates its business.

Want to be the one the client asks for when it’s crucial for the job to get done correctly.

Form new partnerships while continuing to work with clients that have entrusted the company for past projects.

Looking to work with Junda Video Enterprises?

Whether you’re looking for video services or you’re a fellow creative interested in learning more about Junda Video Enterprises, scroll down to the Contact  section below to reach out.

Blog Posts

Learn more about some of the projects Junda Video Enterprises has worked on

2014 National Museum of Dance School of the Arts Showcase

National Museum of Dance School of the Arts Showcase 2014

The New York City Ballet performing at SPAC this week, and here’s a video that features a good amount of little ballerinas. It’s a highlight of the dance showcase hosted by the National Museum of Dance’s School of the Arts at the Spa Lit...

Home & Lifestyle Show: Quick Overview

The Saratoga Home & Lifestyle Show: Quick Overview

Here is a video that gives a quick overview of what the Saratoga Home & Lifestyle Show is about. The purpose is to give viewers a rundown of the annual show hosted by the Saratoga Rotary Club. Thank you Vic Cinquino for going on-camera and sharing your kno...

The Saratoga Home & Lifestyle Show

The Saratoga Home & Lifestyle Show

It was a pleasure to film the Saratoga Home & Lifestyle Show hosted by the Saratoga Springs Rotary Club at the City Center. I didn’t know much about the show before taking on the project, but I’ve gained a tremendous of respect for th...

Union College President Ainlay

President Stephen Ainlay of Union College

Here’s a video created for Union College’s Office of the President. In it, Union’s President Stephen Ainlay shares a few of his thoughts on choosing a higher education facility. It was a pleasure to film President Ainlay, get footage of...

Saratoga Botanicals Promo

Saratoga Botanicals Organic Spa & Store

It’s always a treat to create videos for businesses that have products/services that are relevant to my interests. I try to buy organic and natural products, and that’s what Saratoga Botanicals is all about. It’s both a spa and a store that c...

Saratoga County Teachers of the Year 2014

Saratoga County Teachers of the Year 2014

Last week Junda Video Production had the pleasure of recording the announcements for the Saratoga County Teachers of the Year. I joined the contest sponsors (Saratoga TODAY, Saratoga Mama, Local Living In) and we travelled to Saratoga Central Catholic Hig...

Jeff Foley Model Photo Shoot

Jeff Foley Photography Model Shoot

It was awesome to do a behind the scenes video of professional photographer, Jeff Foley, for a model shoot. Jeff primarily photographs weddings, but also shoots models, athletes, and other subjects. He conducts his shoots in a professional, yet lighthearted ma...

Saratoga County Chamber Young Professionals Network Promo

The Saratoga Young Professionals Network

When Keith from the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce proposed the idea of creating a promo video for the Saratoga Young Professionals Network (YPN), I definitely wanted to make it happen. I’ve attended most of the YPN events since joining the Saratoga...

"The $259,000 Lift Ticket" Shoot at Whiteface Mountain

"The $259,000 Lift Ticket" Shoot at Whiteface Mountain

I’ve been really looking forward to releasing this video, which is a behind the scenes promo video for professional photographer, Charlie Samuels, for a shoot he did for Road and Track magazine. The premise of the shoot was to drive two luxury SUVs...

Dave Berthiaume LinkedIn Video

Dave Berthiaume LinkedIn Video

Dave is a digital marketing professional who specializes in online strategy and social media. He approached me a couple of weeks ago to shoot a video that he can upload to his YouTube page and embed into his LinkedIn profile. In my short time of knowing him, I...


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