Grassland Bird Trust || Winter Raptor Fest || Promo

Grassland Bird Trust // Winter Raptor Fest // Promo Video

Last year I filmed at the Winter Raptor Fest event, which is held annually at the Washington County Fairgrounds. The event is hosted by Grassland Bird Trust, formerly known as Friends of the IBA, which conserves grassland that at-risk birds such as endangered short-eared owls rely on to nest and forage for food. I’ve always been impressed by the large turnouts of Grassland Bird Trust events, and the Winter Raptor Fest is the grandaddy of gatherings they host.

This is definitely an event that any bird enthusiast would want to attend, as the Winter Raptor Fest provides a unique opportunity to learn about and see birds of prey such as hawks, falcons, and owls up close. For me, it’s always a majestic sight to see a raptor soaring in the air in this region, and it was cool to get to see so many different kinds of raptors at the Winter Raptor Fest as well as at other video shoots I’ve done for Grassland Bird Trust. 

Because of the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, the plan is to limit the number of attendees for the 2020 Winter Raptor Fest scheduled to be held in the fall, as well hold a virtual event that anyone with an internet connection can view from the comfort of home.

Thank you to Scott from Grassland Bird Trust for lending his voice in the voiceover and to Laurie, who helped craft the message of the video. To learn more about the annual Winter Raptor Fest, visit:


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