Discover Saratoga || Membership Promotional Video

Discover Saratoga // Membership Promo Video

Awhile back I had created a promotional video for the Saratoga Convention and Tourism Bureau ( Discover Saratoga) that showcased the benefits of being a member of the organization,, and was called on again to help produce a refreshed version.  This video consists of testimonials given by current members of Discover Saratoga and the benefits they’ve seen by being a part of the organization. My business has been a member for quite a few years now and  can testify for the great features and benefits that were discussed in the video. 

I send well wishes to organizations in the convention and tourism industries during this current time where the pandemic has changed the landscape of their businesses, and would certainly recommend that they consider joining Discover Saratoga if they aren’t already members, to help them navigate through this current situation and help them flourish for many years to come.

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