SCFF || 2021 Testimonial Video

Saratoga Center for the Family // Testimonial Video // Virtual Fundraising Event

Here’s a video Junda Video Enterprises created for the Saratoga Center for the Family.

I actually didn’t know much about the non-profit organization prior to being contacted by them, and was thoroughly impressed by them after learning about the work they do for people within and around the community. The organization was founded over 40 years ago, has a child advocacy center, offers child abuse prevention / education programs, and also provides mental health services.

Saratoga Center for the Family wanted to have a video put together of some of their clients sharing their experiences working with the organization, so the video could be played at the Power of Hope virtual fundraising event they were hosting during the pandemic. The video is also currently featured on their website:

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to film and put the video together for the organization and hear some of the stories of a few of the clients they’ve been working with. The clients I filmed had a wide range of personalities and life experiences, though a commonality was their gratitude to the organization for the help they’ve received.

I’d like to thank the Saratoga Center for the Family for choosing me to produce the video and would also like to thank the participants of the video: Sheri, Robin, Felicity, Aaliyah, and Alana. I’d also like to thank Rebecca and Megan from the organization for their help during the production of the video.



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