Bingo's H.O.P.E. Story

A H.O.P.E. Success Story, Bingo!

Last week I did some filming for the organization, Homes for Orphaned Pets Exist (H.O.P.E.). H.O.P.E. assists previously abandoned, orphaned, and neglected animals get a second chance at a great life by helping them get adopted.

In the morning I joined H.O.P.E. volunteer, Darrin, and got footage of the beginning stages of a pet adoption. After filming wrapped, someone at the clinic suggested that it may be good to get some footage of H.O.P.E volunteer, Cathy, walking Bingo and have her share Bingo’s story. Bingo belongs to a dog breed that has a reputation of being aggressive, and hopefully this video will help show that dogs of any breed are capable of being gentle and loving.


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